You can’t trust labels, but you can trust your farmer.

When you know the farm your food is coming from and you can talk to the farmer who raised it, you don’t really need greenwashed labels. Mega corporations, in conjunction with government bureaucracies, have come up with the alphabet soup of labeling to help sell their products.

The problem with labeling: with enough money you can blur the lines and mislead the consumer. As well-meaning as some might be, there is so much more to understanding your food and how it was raised than a label can explain.

We know our customers, we talk to them, they can call us on the phone and ask questions, they can see our farm. It’s a big difference. Smaller, local farms promote a stronger connection between consumers and their food. People can know where their food comes from, how it’s produced, and even interact with the farmers who grow it. It’s one way to ensure quality and to know what you are putting on the table for your family!