The Shop-in-shop is when a smaller brand utilizes retail space inside a larger store’s footprint. It is also called a “Store within a Store”(SWAS), “Pop-Ins” or “Store-in-store”  and is commonly seen in metropolitan areas.

Benefits for Customers

For customers, it’s a great way to experience new offerings and novel brands in a convenient way, all in one place. One-stop shopping in a way that makes it easy to enjoy a vast variety of goods is appealing to people who prefer to avoid big box stores, online shopping exclusively, and those who prefer to support small and local brands and remain closer to the producers of the products they use. It’s great for customers who want the opportunity to learn more about the brands and products they support and be able to ask questions and get to know their supplier.

When it comes to shop-in-shop locations, novelty surely plays a role, but convenience is king.

Benefits for Businesses

Speaking practically, it is a great way for small, often local, businesses and emerging brands to have an affordable way to get their products in front of potential customers.

The shop-in-shop can expand a brand even more when multiple “booths” or “shops” share the same space because of the cross-over sales for each shop owner. These shop-in-shops allow businesses to brand their own area, test drive new products and ideas and get critical feedback from their customers face-to-face.

Why We Have a Shop-in-Shop

We are firm believers in decentralization. We also support small businesses, family-owned businesses, and local businesses. We are a small, family-owned local business so that just makes sense. But beyond that, we feel that the shop-in-shop concept is a creative new way to do business where small businesses come together and support each other.

With a comparatively small investment (compared to getting a storefront), any small business can bring their products to market. Even though we have a storefront in Danville, we are proud to have our store-in-store at Rags to Riches because we love the concept, we enjoy working with the owners of the antique mall, and Leah loves antiques. So this shop-in-shop combines all of our favorite things together.

We have a farm in Danville and another in Mercer County, so the shop-in-shop allows us to man two stores  — one in each of the counties where we raise our meat. And Leah has the opportunity to stock different dry goods and gourmet treasures in each location… so we invite you to visit BOTH locations when you are in each town.

We look forward to seeing you!