Yes! Our beef is hung in a temperature controlled environment, or dry aged, for 21 days. This creates a rich beefy flavor and unmatched tenderness. The king of meat is beef, so let’s pay it the respect it deserves. During this hanging period, enzymatic processes naturally occur in the meat. These enzymes break down proteins and connective tissues, enhancing the flavor and tenderness of the beef. This results in a richer and more complex taste. Hanging beef for 21 days before cutting it up is a well-established practice that enhances the flavor, tenderness, and overall quality of the meat. It allows for the development of complex flavors, the tenderization of the meat, and the improvement of texture, making it a preferred method for many meat enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Dry aging is costly and time-consuming, something that huge packers and grocery stores would never do, but it’s the best way to experience local farming and craft butchery.