Contrary to popular belief, ground beef is not created equal. Here’s some inside baseball. Giant packers, slaughterhouses and meat companies primarily use old cows (typically 7-10 years old) for ground beef as they are the cheapest animals to buy on the open market. Then they take excess fat from the younger, more expensive animals and mix it together with the old cow meat. The result: when you cook the ground beef, the fat burns off quickly and there’s nothing left in the burger except the old cow meat, so it doesn’t have the great flavor, texture and juiciness of high quality ground beef. On our farm, we don’t play those games. We hand select only the best animals for our meat program, then we butcher them one at a time, the old fashioned way. The meat from our cattle is already highly marbled and full of flavor, the fat is in the meat, so it doesn’t just burn off when you cook it. For the best burgers you’ve ever had, give us a try!